Monday, June 22, 2009

Danny's Baptism

My little boy was baptized! What a wonderful, happy day it was! It sprinkled in the morning, but the afternoon was beautiful and sunny. Danny was happy and excited with a dash of nervousness.

Grandma and Grandpa Vance, Uncle Chris, and Uncle Matt made the long trek from Utah in one day to be with us. They really made it extra special. Grandpa was a TOTAL surprise. He shouldn't have been able to come due to medical treatment he is receiving, but they were able to work it out for him to come. They kept it a secret! When they got to our street, they let him out at the top of the street and then they all drove down to our house and came in. Grandpa walked around to the back door where everyone was in the kitchen. Jon's back was to the door so he walked in. Jon still didn't look thinking it was one of the kids. Then his dad commented on something he was saying....well, Jon whirled around and, needless to say, was completely thrilled and surprised!!!

We had such a fun day all together on Friday. Then Saturday afternoon was the special day! Uncle Chris gave a talk on baptism and Grandma Vance on the Gift of the Holy Ghost. They were so sweet. Uncle Matt and Grandpa were the witnesses for the baptism.

Jon could hardly find his voice as he stood there in the water with his oldest boy. He is a wonderful, sweet father. His children love him so do I.

As Jon, Bishop Tanner, Grandpa, Uncle Chris, and Uncle Matt circled around Danny and placed their hands on his head, I could feel the power of the priesthood and felt so grateful for a husband who is good, and worthy to serve as a priesthood holder. As such, he serves in the church, but more importantly to me, he serves our family.

Daniel was all smiles. I love my boy so very much. He is good, and truly wanted to be baptized. We have taught him during scripture time, family home evening, and just at odd times what it means to be baptized and to receive the Holy Ghost. He developed a strong desire to receive these ordinances. Jon told Daniel that a person makes their own choice to be baptized or not to. I felt very proud of Danny when he made the choice to be baptized, even though at the time, he felt very nervous about it.

After the baptism, we came home and he opened some gifts. Grandma and Grandpa gave him a blanket that she made which included his name and baptism date on it!

Uncle Chris and family gave him a Primary Songbook with his name embossed on it. A friend of ours gave him a tote box and a gift card to Ace Hardware (since his interests include pulleys, levers, and other simple machines), we gave him his own scriptures with his name on them, and then Jon gave him his own Swiss Army knife (he instructed him in safety before he let him have it). Danny was very happy and grateful to receive these gifts (especially the knife).

My boy is growing up.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Danny Turns 8!

Wow...been awhile again! We had a fun day yesterday! Danny had breakfast in bed, serenaded by his family of course!

He got The Little House on the Prairie CD's and was pretty excited about it. We had school time punctuated with some fun little neighbor visits to wish him a happy birthday. Later that day, we had homemade pepperoni pizza for dinner and then headed off to Tunnel Voyage to play. Unfortunately, they closed an hour earlier than what they had told us on the phone, so when we got there, they were wiping things down and getting ready to close. Sad! But they were so nice and felt so bad that they had given us the wrong info that they let the kids go on some of the rides for free and gave us a bunch of half off coupons to use another day! So, it turned out. I got some funny pictures of them. They have a ship that is a small version of the Tidalwave at Lagoon.

They were all SO EXCITED to get on it until they realized what it was going to do once the gal got it going. Mary had the funniest face! I'm awful...she and Joseph looked so cute and funny. They were fine...until the little teacups that go in an oblong circle.

Mary was into her little cup chair in no time...smiling and saying, "Daddy, look at me!"

In 30 seconds, she was off. It really whipped them around the corners. Joseph wouldn't even get on it. Danny and Nate loved it though! Then they all got a free ring pop! Can you beat that? They were very happy.
Then we came home and had cake and ice cream.

Danny got a mousetrap game and was THRILLED.

He didn't really even want to play the game. He just wanted to put the things together and watch it work.
Definitely, a happy day in the Vance home! Now looking forward to his baptism!! (which will be on the 20th)