Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can You Believe This Girl?!!

Ready for church?
Thankfully, this was after church!

Jon's always got some sort of project in progress. He's got this big pile of compost in the driveway that he's using for our planters and he's got it all nicely covered up with a tarp. The compost is still exposed around the edges of the pile and, unfortunately for me, Mary Jane didn't take that as a hint that she shouldn't play in it. It happened to be on a Sunday, so she was wearing her pretty little pink jumper...


Mary's classic stinker face!

What exactly am I teaching them when they get their church clothes all dirty
and I say "SMILE!" and take their picture???

But really, haven't we all had the urge to just get good and dirty! It all came out in the wash anyway (mostly), their giggles and shrieks were priceless, and they're only this little for a short time.