Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Eve

Well....I'm trying to pass some time until Jon gets home tonight. I guess I'm avoiding doing the dishes, but I've got to post sometime!

Jon took Danny, Nate, and Joseph ice skating at the Bountiful Rec Center tonight while I stayed home with Mary and Isaac. I got Isaac bathed, jammied, and fed and snuggled up in his bed...and I just have to say that he is the cutest baby. He's just about five months old and he's cuddly and smiley and happy. He loves to play with anything you put into his hands and whatever it is usually gets some serious drool treatment. My little Danny boy picks him up and carries him around the house. He hugs and kisses him and talks to him in such a cute voice. Today he told me that he just wanted to eat Isaac up because he's so cute. Isaac has such a wonderful influence on our home. Sometimes I get irritated or the kids get grouchy, but then Isaac wakes up from his nap and we bring him into the front room and pretty soon we're all cooing and snuggling and kissing his cheeks and we probably sound so funny but we just can't get enough of him. He makes us all so happy! I think that President Kimball said there should always be a baby in the home (I can't at the moment remember where or when he said that) because they are so pure and sweet and they cause us to be less selfish and more loving.
So, after baby went to bed, Mary and I had a little nail polish extravaganza while we sang nursery rhymes and looked at her nursery rhyme book. She is such a doll. She was SO excited to paint fingernails and toenails and SO excited that we were painting them pink. I was laughing to myself at her little Mary-isms (which are many) the whole time. Then we got her into her "kitty-cat" jammies and into her bed. I love my little girl.
Jon called after she was in bed to tell me they're on their way home. I talked to each of the boys and it sounded like they had a bit of a rough start with the ice skating but then they all found their groove and had a great time! Danny said he was "really good at it" and that he wants to go every week now. Nate said he was a "rock star!"
Now I'm just waiting for the rest of my cuties to get home.
I feel excited to see them and hug them and hear all about their little adventure with Dad! I love all my little Valentine's and my best Valentine of all, Jonathan. Oh, I hear the car pulling in! Goodnight!