Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift

Last Saturday was a beautiful, serene day! We went to the St. Louis Temple without children!! It's the first time we've done it! Don't get me wrong...we've enjoyed taking them along for the road trip and we've done some fun things along the way. But usually Jon or I go into the temple while the other of us goes to the park, or somewhere for lunch with the kids, then we switch.
This time, some dear friends of ours agreed to have them stay at their house. So we dropped them off a little after 6am and carpooled with some friends who were also going and we had a QUIET, calm, enjoyable drive. Then at the temple, I was able to go in with my dear husband! Wow, what a sweet blessing. The best Valentine's gift ever.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear Sisters...

Please excuse my blog absence. I could use lots of issues, pregnancy barfness issues, don't want to do my laundry...that sort of thing. The guilt has piled up and really, when you don't want to do laundry, this really is a great alternative.
So...a lot has happened since I last wrote. Mary turned 2. She's so cute (but I think she's also the most terrible 2 I've had)! I guess that's awful to say that about my little pumpkin, but lately she's taken to having daily temper tantrums. We put her in her room and she screams so hard it sounds like there's going to be mushroom cloud in there when we open up the door. Before I put her in I try talking calmly to her, singing to her, distracting her, whatever I can think of. Putting on a movie usually works but we can't be watching movies all day at the whim of the 2 year old!
Then we had a lovely Christmas! I think the Serpent Spiral K'Nex set was the most exciting gift of the season. Jon and the boys built the roller coaster (as tall as Nathan) and it graced our front room for the next week and a half!
Danny and Nater stayed up past midnight on New Year's Eve (Jon however didn't make it).
Then we found out we are expecting #5 baby!!!
Followed by my birthday (#34), Jon's birthday (#33)(yeah, I'm the older woman), then Natey's birthday (#6). We had a great pirate party!! Jon was the pied piper and led the very eager children around the yard looking for secret treasure map clues and finally the hidden treasure chest. What a great dad!

And now, I guess you could say I'm pretty much in early pregnancy blah land! It's all part of the bliss I guess!
I love you gals!