Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pre-Baby Campout

This was our last "getaway" before little Isaac was born. We wanted to go camping, but being 8 months along can put a cramp in your style! So we pitched the tent in the backyard and Jon made a fire pit (sorry about the smoke, neighbors) and we cooked hot dogs and s'mores and slept in the tent. It was SO MUCH FUN! Except that I got up 3 times in the night to come in the house and use the girls room. On the 3rd visit I crashed on the couch and said enough is enough! Fun times.

The fire pit feast!

The fire tenders.

OK, if my dad saw this he would say that this is definitely some cushy camping. Blow up mattresses, a tent you can stand up in with 2 rooms, lots of snuggly quilts. It's certainly not the roughing it that occured on our yearly summer backpacking trips. I say, you've got to start somewhere...we'll work up to it!


Anaise said...

We did one too, but I didn't even try to sleep outside at 8 months! You're a trooper!

Missy said...

Oh gads! This makes me think of all us kids camping out on dad's deck. How fun! Though, you guys probably didn't have to worry about 'skunks, and snakes, and cougars, oh my!' I love you kidz!

heidi said...

lets suggest your backyard for next year's girl's camp. i will quickly volunteer to go again if you will braid my hair again and bring those fantastic cheetos and i will end up on your couch.
congrats on the baby. i still need to see you.
miss you lots.
i didn't even know you had a blog!
can i make anymore incoherent ramblings???

Libby said...

Good times for the Vance family. I love it. I especially like Mary's face in that picture. Hi-larious!!

Brandon and Cari (Sellers) Murdock said...

hey sarah! jon recently told brandon about your blog, so i thought i'd stop by and say hi. email me sometime: and feel free to stop by our blog

hope to hear from you soon!